The Growing Demand for Live Dealer Craps

Many internet craps gamers have wondered if live dealer craps is available at online casinos.  Unfortunately, at the present time, there is no craps live dealer version that is offered on the web.  The reason for its lack of presence is unclear, but it is likely that the game is difficult to broadcast via the web.

Perhaps one of the problems is enabling online players to see the outcome of the role clearly.  In other live dealer games, such as the card games blackjack and baccarat, extra large sized card decks are used to give web players a clear view of the cards.  Not having figured out all of the kinks of how the game could be broadcasted may very well be why online live dealer craps doesn’t exist.  On the other hand, this may not be the case at all.

Although the reasons behind why live versions of craps games cannot be played online may never be known, what is for certain is that lovers of this classic casino game are hoping that one day they will be able to enjoy this entertainment.  Until then, there are still many other thrilling internet craps games that can be enjoyed.

That being said, you may be wondering what it would be like to play the craps live dealer version if it did exist.  Essentially, you would go to a virtual casino that offered this entertainment and select the game as you would any other craps game. From there you are connected via web casting technology to a land based gambling establishment where a live game of craps will take place in real time.

You will see a human dealer who controls the game from the real world casino facility.  There also may be other players who are taking part in the games at the physical location or online.  Thus, live games are also a way to enjoy a multiplayer experience, which is the experience you would have if you were playing craps in an actual bricks and mortar casino environment.

You would place your bets digitally in the appropriate boxes in the live dealer craps game as you normally would in any other game. The live dealer then reads off your bets before the dice are rolled.  The outcome of the dice determines your success or failure.

As you can see, live craps would function in the same way as it does in its other digital game formats.  The major difference is that you would actually be able to enjoy it in a real-world gambling destination from the comfort of your home.

With any luck, online live dealer craps will soon find its way to the World Wide Web.

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