Malaysia Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling

2011 saw 574 machines seized from 63 premises in the province of Sabah.

In 2011, Police in the Malaysian province of Sabah seized around 574 computers and gambling machines from over 60 premises used for illegal online gambling. 67 people were arrested in connection with these cases.

In the latest events, 51 police officers simultaneously conducted night-time raids on nine premises used for illegal gambling, confiscating over 200 computers and gambling machines.

The district police chief, ACP Rowell, told a press conference that police had to forcibly enter six of the nine premises as they were locked. However, the lights were still on and gambling machines still working.

He said, “We are sure that owners of those gambling outlets had run away, before police raided the casinos.”

Online gambling is illegal in Malaysia under the 1953 Common Gaming House Act and the 1997 Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Act.

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  1. I really couldn’t care less about Malaysia. This country has a name of a disease. Give us some more interesting news please instead of that garbage.

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