Progressive Slots Online

The progressive slots are the places to head for. Most players love joining a progressive slot machine because of the higher wins. Although you will come across different kind of such slots, they all show some similarities. Usually, the progressive slots online are linked to the same bank and this bank is shared among several casinos. The jackpots on these progressive slots can run into millions of dollars and this is the reason you see more crowds around these machines. The jackpot just keeps on growing till some lucky winner hit it.

When playing progressive slot, one should always bet the maximum number of credits. Most machines will not pay out the jackpot if you win in case you have not bet the maximum. Therefore read the terms and conditions for the game carefully before joining. Also one should choose the slot machine progressive games with the biggest money.

The reason is that every game of progressive slot will hold the same chances of you winning.When playing online, you will come across 3 main kind of progressive slots and these are stand alone, proprietary and wide area progressive slots.

Stand Alone

The stand alone progressive slot machine is not connected to any other slot and these games display a meter showing the size of the jackpot. The jackpots here are slightly lower in amount when compared to other jackpots.

Proprietary slots consist of a group of slot machines which are linked together. These may be present in the same online casino or in different casino sites, but owned by the same company. These jackpots here are bigger than the stand alone progressives.

Wide Area

Wide area progressive slots machines are possessed by a company outside of the casino. The jackpots are the biggest here and run across machines throughout the country. Sometimes these jackpots run into millions and still keep growing bigger.

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