Blackjack and Roulette Promo at EUcasino

Players could win ten times their bet just by playing the two popular casino games.

Blackjack fans will be racing to EUcasino to avail of its latest amazing offer, Super Blackjack. Every day during this offer, two blackjack cards are revealed.

If you win a game of blackjack with that day’s cards, you could win up to €1000.

To win a game of blackjack, you must score the a higher-value hand than the dealer. 21 is the best hand you can have, but if you score above that, you go completely bust.

EUcasino is also catering to roulette players with the Super Roulette promotion.

Every day during the promotion, a Super Roulette Bet number between 0 and 36 will be revealed.

Players must place a real money wager on a Super Roulette Bet. If you hit the number, you could multiply your total winning bets by 10-up to €1000.

Roulette consistently ranks top of the list of everyone’s favourite games, thanks to its exciting betting strategies and bankroll management techniques.

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