Wife of online fraud suspect arrested

African Police have arrested three people in connection with an online lottery scam.

Ghanian national Lucinda Aebiola has been arrested for her suspected involvement in an online lottery fraud.

The arrest comes the week after Aebiola’s husband, Emanuel Augustine, and his partner, Ravindrasingh Waccher, were arrested for the online lottery scam.

The interrogation of the pair revealed Aebiola’s suspected involvement in the scam, which aimed to convince online users that they had won enormous prizes in an online lottery. Fake documents were used to convince users they had won, and they were asked to give a registration fee to claim their prize.

The double arrest, on December 16, led to the seizure of pen drives, laptops, falsified demand drafts on foreign banks, and cellular phones with SIM cards from the pair.

The case is expected to go to trial early next year.

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